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All of these are MORe than you realize


We are one of many parishes and catholic ministries joining the grassroots movement in the Church called More Than You Realize. 

Watch our videos and scroll to learn more about this "discipleship initiative."

While we've made education more complicated and more expensive, have we remembered to ask the most fundamental questions? What should go on there? What is it for? We hope this video will help you ask great questions. We have no doubt there are great people in every school system, and we certainly know there are some great public schools.
As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, a familiar thread used to bring us together to advocate and support each other. Please share this video message with your friends, family and community. Learn more at
Watch as we encounter REAL people and are open to their very unpredictable opinions. Please share this video message with your friends, family and community. Learn more at

Together we are MORE THAN YOU REALIZE.

What is MTYR?

We’ve never had more access to information and been less equipped to make sense of it. The world around us is trained to be reactionary, without much thought to what their hearing and seeing. As this continues, we risk losing the wisdom around what makes us human.

MTYR is a reminder to stop and look closer at the world around you. Whether it’s faith, science, reason, relational, or interpersonal, we want to ask more questions and stop taking everything at face value. If you take the time, you might find that there is deeper meaning in everything that surrounds you.

This is our movement and we invite you to join us. TOGETHER, we are More Than You Realize!

We will begin by launching a social media campaign of videos and other content. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get access.

What is the methodology?

Our methodology draws from the rich tradition of those who came before us. We strive to employ the models put forth by the great evangelists and teachers throughout all of Church history. We hope to be bold like Paul, who walked into the Areopagus to encounter the Athenians’ practice of worshipping an “Unknown God” and used it as a bridge to an encounter with Christ (Acts 17:16–34). We want to be agile like Justin Martyr, who employed the existing Greek philosophy of his day to draw his contemporaries into the mystery of the Logos. We will use the logic of Thomas Aquinas, recognizing that we must first understand people’s objections as “difficulties that can be answered,” so as to meet them there and help them ask the greater questions, rather than “proving the articles of faith by reasoning” (Summa Theologiae, I, 1, Q. 8).

We need to begin our conversations with neighbors, friends, or co-workers by appealing to those desires that are woven into our nature — the desire for truth, for eternity, or for happiness. We hope to help people understand the things closest to them in their nature, dissolve post-Christian filters through reason, and leave our audience with a disposition of curiosity, thus allowing them to become more receptive to grace. If we approach our audience by dealing with something we are all wired to long for in our nature, we can then introduce a Gospel that contains the answer.

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