Welcome to Christ the King

On behalf of the parishioners of Christ the King Roman Catholic Church I want to welcome you to our wonderful community of faith. You have selected a parish that is committed to proclaiming the Glory of God and serving those who are seeking the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

"To Grow in Holiness through Service, Prayer, Evangelization, and Community Life" the mission statement for Christ the King is the basis for all that occurs in our parish. All programs and services have been created on this foundation and are presented with this mission in mind.

Christ the King is a Stewardship Parish of approximately 1,400 households that is blessed with a fully accredited K-8 school. Stewardship at Christ the King is more than a once a year program, it is the adoption of a life style  that focuses on the giving of our prayers, time & talent, and treasure in service to the Lord. It is about recognizing God’s abundance and trusting in that abundance for all that we need as His followers.

This stewardship lifestyle has fostered the creation of a wide range of ministerial services and programs. We are blessed with multiple ministries that provide parishioners of all ages and abilities the opportunity to glorify God by utilizing their talents and energies in service to one another and to those in need. These ministries touch the lives of individuals both within the parish community and the larger Denver Metropolitan Area.

Again, I welcome you to Christ the King.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Daniel Leonard


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